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BK Derby F11

Registration number: 1050
Registrator: Oscar Strömblad Log in
Primary shirt color: Green
Secondary shirt color: Black
Leader: Oscar Strömblad
Kerstin Bahlman
Lisa Wissting
Karin Wettin
BK Derby was one of 40 clubs from Sweden that had teams playing during ICA Öland Cup 2018. They participated with one team in Flickor 11.

In addition to BK Derby, 20 other teams played in Flickor 11. They were divided into 7 different groups, whereof BK Derby could be found in Group B together with IFK Visby F07 and Trelleborgs FF Blå.

Derby comes from Linköping which lies approximately 200 km from Färjestaden, where ICA Öland Cup takes place. The area around Linköping does also provide 12 additional clubs participating during ICA Öland Cup 2018 (Among others: IFK Norrköping, Ifk Wreta Kloster P07, IFK Wreta Kloster, Sturefors IF, Ekängens IF, Skärblacka IF, BK Kenty, Malmslätts AIK, BK Ljungsbro and Svärtinge SK).

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